50MM Station Tag

50MM RFID Checkpoint TAG This larger tag gives you a longer read-range. Remember, you can paint them, hide them behind wallboard, paintings, under desks, table tops, etc. LIMITED AVAILABILITY

Our Price: $9.95

Detex 50MM large tags


Why use 50mm tags: 

  • They have a longer read range - the antenna is 2x as large as 30mm
  • 3 to 4" out
  • Note:  30mm is more than sufficient for all surface scanning
  • As a result, you can put them under wallboard, behind paintings, under table tops, behind mirrors and windows, etc.
  • They can be used to indicate unique checkpoints, guard names, tour starts and more simply because they are a different size.
  • All tags are water, heat, and cold-proof  +5 f to +137 f


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p/n GCS-PP-TAG50-N