About Us


SAMS#    783625627 / 7HE23

Watchman Clocks is in business to provide the highest quality watchman clocks and guard tour systems.  We have been dealing in watchman systems and guard tour equipment for many years and are dedicated to your satisfaction. 

Watchmanclocks.com is a division of Florida Time Clock, Inc., Established January 2,1991. We sell guard tour verification equipment. This includes mechanical watchman clocks, watchman clock systems, and supplies for them. We carry an extensive stock, and can fill emergency orders. We are vendors for Detex, Amano, GuardQuest, and CoGard (Benzing, Germany). If you need Amano PR600 tapes, keys, or station boxes, we have them, they need homes. The same goes with Detex Newman and Detex Guardsman. Station boxes, 3984 disks, d tapes, station keys and case keys. Also, if you have lost, or need an additional ProxiPen, we now stock the second generation, the ProxiPenII which is an upgraded, tougher version of the original Detex ProxiPen. We also have the checkpoint 30mm and 50mm tags in stock.

While we are not experts on any of this equipment, we have run it, but we will never know it as well as the end-user (that would be you). We can offer help on setting it up, and if that is not sufficient, you get a decent owners manual. So “Plan B” is this: We can put you in touch with a factory software engineer. We know who to talk to, and will give you the right extension or name. We figure that if you do business with us, we will do our best to make sure you get the best bang for your buck, so to speak.

Florida Time Clock is the descendent of Wagner Business Machines back in Buffalo, New York, 1967 – 1984. It was my father’s company, I was the college kid who studied business at SUNY Fredonia. Somehow I got a math degree (BS)in Marketing 1977, by the way. We have always sold equipment to business owners and managers. I took 10 years out to try other things (work for others), learned a lot, then started FTC-Inc. in 1991, this time with some company experience and a new perspective (out-work the others). If you purchase off this website, you will see Florida Time Clock as the vendor on your statement.

We don’t hide from you. You can call us direct at (727) 471 0365 or email us. We work normal business hours, Eastern Time Zone, USA. We have a small but very cheerful staff. We have excellent relations with all the vendors, and if we don’t know the answer, we will tell you so, then get you the answer, or put you in touch with someone who may have it. Contact us for our Florida shipping address.