Detex ProxiPen3 Reader only
Detex ProxiPen 3

Select this if you need a replacement ProxiPen3, or are adding another one to an existing system. You just add 3 AA batteries.

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Click 535 Detex Reliant BatteriesBatteries, 3-Pack$3.00
Click 356 Detex Technical SupportDetex Support$195.00


Detex ProxPen3 Tag Reader, only.
This is an incorrect image (May 15, 2024)
But the size and overall shape is correct.
          Nylon Holster.JPG

Detex Reliant watchman clock reader, model DAU

Water-Resistant (we can't say "waterproof")
It's sealed, see the red gasket. 
Uses three AAA batteries