Amano PR600 Patrol Kit

Includes: PR600 guard tour clock, carrying strap, 15 stations with keys and boxes, 10 rolls of report tape. One Year Guarantee.

Retail Price: $925.00
Our Price: $849.00
Amano PR600 KIT

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Click 223 Amano PR600 Report TapesPR600 Report Tapes$28.00
Click 222 Amano PR600PR600 watchmans clock$635.00
Click 224 Amano K KeyAmano PR600 "K" Key$8.50
Click 225 Amano PR600 station boxKey Box$16.25
Click 226 Amano Station Key with chainPR600 Key with metal chain$15.15
Click 227 Amano PR600 Station, CompletePR600 key box with key$28.00


Amano PR600 mechanical watchman clock system with 15 stations

This is a complete starter system, everything you need!
Perfect replacement for Detex Newman or Detex Guardsman

Amano PR600 Watchman Clock Kit, In-the-box:
PR600 watchman clock with leather carrying strap
Fresh D cell battery, locking "K" key"
One box of 10 carbonles report tape rolls
15 zinc plated steel keys with station boxes and Instructions
Station numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

One Year Guarantee
Quartz Movement
Small, solid, and light weight-this is not a plastic machine
Records every checkpoint by included key number, 1 - 15 (16 - 40 are optional)
Secure reports: Makes a mark on the tape whenever the device is opened.
Weight: 1.7 lbs Inexpensive to buy, low cost to use. Fast shipping
Normally IN STOCK

How it Works:At each checkpoint, your security guard takes the station numbered key out of the station box, inserts it into the recorder and turns it clockwise to record the checking time. This produces a hardcopy report which includes the station number, date, hour and minute for each check point visited. When finished at the station, the guard simply returns the key to the station boxy and proceeds to the next check point.

To maintain the integrity of the patrol record, acccess to the record tape and time adjustment can only be achieved with use of a master key. Thus, whenever the recorder is opened with the master key, the letter "K" will appearon the tape. Every time the recorder is opened or closed, a small "o" will appear on the tape to denote the time and place that the recorder was opened.

As an added securit measure, those companies who rotate patrol courses can require that each watchman register his/her I.D. number on the record tape at the beginning of each route.
A self-contained dry cell battery provides you with months of maintenance free use, requiring no need for regular winding on your part. In addition, the battery indicator light on the clock face will disappear to alert you to replace the battery.

Weighing less than two pounds, the PR-600 is lightweight and easy to carry. As lightweight as it is, the recorder is designed for maximum protection against possible mishandling.
The inside is all metal.



Amano Mechanical Watchman Clock In The Box

1 PR600 Guard Clock
1 Instruction Manual
1 Box of 10 report tapes
1 D Cell battery
15 Station boxes
15 Zinc coated keys and chains
     Numbered 1 - 15
One Year Amano USA



6 13/16"w x 2 13/32"d x 4 21/23"h
It's about the size of a large sandwich.


2 lbs. (.9 kg)


1 D-Cell Alkaline Battery

Tape Length

Holds a month of registrations (1,440)

This helps explain how these work.  Below is a letter, and our response, to the University of Puerto Rico's security department for a basic Amano PR600 system:Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2012 09:32:11 -0400
Subject: Re: Estimate from
Thank you Joe:

It's the first time I deal with this product. I'm not clear about the quotation that include 2 stations and other cases and keys, etc. As we talk yesterday, and now asking you, is it all that I need to put 4 station where the guards should report to? Please, excuse me, if I misunderstood your explanation. Could you please, explain to me the function of each product you write down on the quotation. Have a nice day!
First item, the clock and components.
You get the clock, a supervisor key that opens (and locks) it, a box of report tapes, a D cell battery, and a carrying strap (and instructions).
Second item (combination of box and key):  Keys 1,2,3, and 4
Each station gets bolted to a wall or square fence post. 
The key and chain sit inside the gray box.  The chain is connected to the box. 
Third item:  Another combination box and key:  Numbers 14 and 15  (for two different guards)
You mount these in the guards office, or starting point.  They have unique, two digit, high numbers.
Fourth item:  A second box of report tapes.  When you finish the first box, order two more boxes of report tapes.  This way you will never run out.

At the beginning of the tour, the guard inserts his key - #14 for the early shift, #15 for the late shift - and gives it a twist.  This marks the beginning of the tour, and the time.  By comparing this to the time cards or schedule, you will know who did the tour at that time.
The guard walks around the campus to the various station, in any order you want, or randomly.  At each station, he removes the key from the box, inserts it in to the PR600 watchman clock, and gives it a twist.  This then shows when he was at that particular station.  Example:  Station key 1 could be the Student Lounge, Station Key 2 could be the athletic field parking lot, etc.  When the guard completes his round, he returns to the guard office and inserts his key again (#14 for this example) and gives it a crank.
Now you have a complete record of which guard did that particular tour, and at what times he was at each location.