Detex ProxiPen Holster
ProxiPen Holster

Leather Proxi Pen carrying holster. Cut down on breakage. Read more about this, below.

Our Price: $82.00
Detex Holster

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 128 30MM Station Tag30MM RFID Tag$4.98
Click 129 50MM Station Tag50MM RFID Tag$9.95
Click 94 Detex ProxiPenII Battery CapProxiPenII end cap$43.00
Click 92 Guard RFID KeyfobPatrol Guard Identifier$11.50


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Thick black cowhide leather
Sturdy design, protects the reader

Genuine American Texas Cowhide!
Securely clamps and hooks on the belt. 
Includes shoulder strap

Has detachable, unbreakable yet flexible belt clip, leather shoulder strap
Use this and they won't bugger-up that expensive Proximity Pen reader.

     Holster, shoulder strap, belt clip.       


Not just any cow, an all-American, Texas grass-fed cow. His name was Marvin. Marvin came from a long line of cows on the Detex Ranch.  Today, Marvin lives on with us as we make our rounds, Marvin is the source of the Detex ProxiPen Holsters.  Marvin, we thank you for your service.