TopGuard Patrol Software
Detex software

Detex ProxiPen kit software, this is the software that comes with the kit. Windows XP(SP3), Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 compatible.

Our Price: $395.00
TopGuard Patrol Software

Deteex TopGuard Patrol, the basic, standard ProxiPen software

  • This is the software the comes with the Detex ProxiPenII Guard Tour system
  • Constantly developed and upgraded over the past 15 years
  • American logic, makes it easy to set up tours and events - too early, too late,
    out of sequence patrol, missed check point, wrong check point, and so-on
  • Reports can be saved and printed and emailed in .html, excel, or PDF
  • Runs on Windows 7 - 10
  • Basic system supports up to 16 tours, 20 pens, 48 guards, 1,750 checkpoints
  • This software can be purchased separately.

Top Guard Example Reports

This is TopGuard Patrol PLUS (+$995.00), an upgrade over TopGuard Patrol

  • Written for more complex reporting requirements
  • TopGuard Patrol PLUS is an innovative upgrade to our well-proven and widely-used WinArgus software, but includes additional features
  • Includes: The ability to create maps of tours using imported JPG or BMP graphic images. 
  • It includes 8 different report formats, and allows up to 7,500 data media (magnetic data strips, RFID tags, or optical bar codes) to be programmed as incidents, personnel, breaks or control points in up to 250 programmed tours
  • TopGuard Patrol PLUS comes and requires a copy protection plug (dongle) in order to operate
  • Password Protected:
  • Each time TopGuard Patrol is started, the password is requested.  You may log in as the administrator or a user, as required.  This prevents unauthorized access to master files and configuration of data acquisition units.  The downloaded data is also protected by a CRC checksum encryption program to prevent manipulation.
  • Programming and Downloading:
  • Tours are easily defined by manually entering or downloading control points from a data acquisition unit into a control point “pool.“
  • Collected data is evaluated immediately after downloading it to the computer, and within seconds you can view the report on the screen.  GCS magnetic data strips, RFID tags and bar codes can be used as control points for predefined incidents or personnel identification 
  • Reports may be printed, saved to a file or sent by e-mail in native TopGuard Patrol format, saved as an HTML file for viewing in a web browser, or saved as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file

    Top Guard, Detex Top Guard Patrol, and Detex Argus, were developed by the same team.
    Top Guard has replaced the dos and windows Argus software.