ProxiPen Incident Report Book

The guard carries this incident book. If something is wrong at the checkpoint, he selects from a menu of preset "incidents" from this booklet, which then show up in the tour report.

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Detex ProxiPen TopGuard Incident Book, in stock

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How the Incident Book is used:

Each tag is then given an incident name for your reports.
It has 20 (TWENTY) configurable incidents.

Tag 1 = Suspicious people
Tag 2 = Door open
Tag 3 = Noise
Tag 4 = Accident
Tag 5 = Unlocked
Tag 6 = People in pool

Each is embedded in a leather “page” which is easily removed from
the leather bound carrying case (two pages of 10 incident codes, each).


Detex Incident Report Book Dimensions:

Entire booklet, closed: 
3.75" wide, 1" thick, 6.25" tall
Individual 10 incident page:
3.25" wide, 1/8" thick, 5.25" tall 

This Texas Cowhide booklet has 20 embedded incident tags on removable leather pages, 10 incident tags to a page - 5 on each side.

Remove the incedent pages from the booklet and carry them in a pocket.
Change them to whatever you need them to say.
When the guard finds something amiss at the checkpoint, he records this incident.
This incident shows up in the reports, associated with that time, guard, and checkpoint.