TotalPass Bio on sale!
TotalPass Biometric

Unbeatable biometric system with advanced security. Allows three "tries" to punch in. If the finger does not match the ID number, it takes a photograph of the person attempting to punch. "Busted!"

Our Price: $479.00
Icon Advanced Biometric

Icon TotalPass Advanced Biometric Time Clock - What's in the box:

  • TOTALPASS clock                                   Wall mounting plate, locking key
  • 100 employee capacity                            Quick-Start Guide
  • 15' Ethernet cable                                    30' USB cable
  • Toll-Free USA Technical Support contact number
  • 15 Web Punch/Smart Phone licenses       Integrated "face ID capture" camera
  • Unlimited web access, free, from anywhere, forever
  • SmartPhone GPS integratration
Employees enroll themselves at the clock, no supervisor is needed!
Multi-user and multi-terminal capability, all included.
Unique passwords and user authorities for managers!  Included.
15 Web and PC Punch modules - one per employee - Included*
* Upgrade: Maximum Smartphone/GPS locater licenses: 50 per system.
No more unreliable, fictional time sheets

25+ years experience, advice, and guidance, included30 days technical support.

What this is:
The ULTIMATE in biometric buddy-punching security (it catches them!!)
  -  and send you an email alert when this happens.  This is included.

Instantly updated reports, can alert you when people punch in or out (optional)
Shows "Hours Worked" at the clock every time they punch out (weekly totals)
First And Only system that allows employees to enroll at the clock without a supervisor
Unlimited supervisor access, multi-PC access is included
All reports can be viewed locally, and from any web access in the world!
Sort employees by up to 31 locations (or groups, or departments)
  - put a clock in at each customers location, get reports at your office
No software to load on your PC, it is all in the time clock, itself
Supports ALL Pay Periods
Communicates by CAT5 Ethernet or USB cable - (not WiFi)
  • Plug & Play Simplicity:
    - No software to install, setup, update, repair, or maintain 

  • 100 employees, upgrade to 250 or 500
  • 15 remote smartphone/PC licenses, 
    - departments, manager passwords                
  • Multiple Connectivity Options: 
    - Ethernet, USB, or Internet connection all-in-one clock!
  • Multi-Clock Connectivity: 
    Link up to 48 time clocks over the Network or Internet
  • Includes licenses for up to 15 SmartPhone iPunches, with GPS location!               
  • Use Custom ID Numbers, RFID Badges, or Keyfobs to punch in or out
  • Intuitive: 
    Web browser based software means it's easy to use and learn (Internet not required)
  • Convenient: 
    Automatically alerts the manager of overtime, high/low hours and more!
  • Universal Compatibility: 
    Works with all operating systems, PC (
    XP through Window 7 and Windows 8), Linux and even Apple! 
  • Secure: 
    Stand-alone unit does not require constant PC or Network connection. All data is saved on the clock in case of PC or server crash. Save backups to a flash drive for extra security.

The Icon TotalPass runs via any web browser.  Safari, Internet Explorer, AOL, Mosaic, FireFox, and so-on.  You do not need any software in your PC (one exception: Running it directly to an Apple PC via USB cable, and that is included)

What this does:
As the years go on, you normally have to throw away equipment - computers, time clocks, hard drives, hardware, etc.  Icon can electronically 'rewire' the terminal for new technology. As improved operating systems get released, the machine can be updated, and does not need to be replaced.

This device works with all Operating Systems.  Apple, Windows, anything that has a web browser.
Payroll Exports:  First, this generates its own time cards and various reports,  You can make punch corrections.  It also exports to QuickBooks, Paychex, ADP, and .csv

You communicate to it by opening up a "favorite" from your web browser - locally, and off-site.
There are no driver updates needed. No software needed for your computer, (unless you want to use the included USB connection).  
Just like you found us on the internet...

Other manufacturer's require you to buy new equipment every few years.
Not the Icon TotalPass Advanced Biometric. The TotalPass is Future-Proofed.

Each employee gets a unique 4 digit ID number, such as the last 4 of their SSI.
You set up the employees name and number at your computer
   - which can be on site via local network or USB, or 1,000 miles away, connected via the internet.
Once set up, the employee is ready to self-enroll, alone, at the clock..
The employee walks up to the clock and enters his employee number.
The clock them prompts him to present his "best" finger.
And prompts him again, then one last time.  Three times.
Now he is enrolled.  His fingerprint is matched to his 4 digit ID number.

When he punches IN, he walks up to the clock and enters his 4 digit number.
It then prompts him to place his finger.  He touches it and he is in. 
It gives him a score, 0 - 100%.
Same with punching OUT.
If it does not recognize his finger, it says "Present Finger".
It asks up to three times. You can set it for two, or even one time.
If the finger does not match the pattern in the memory,  the system quietly takes a photograph of the person attempting the punch
They never know.

If the finger fails to match on the third attempt, it will still accept the punch.  The TotalPass then matches the photograph to the punch file and puts it in a report.  It automatically sends all this to a supervisor. 
You get to see if Joe is punching in for Joe, or if Jerry is punching in for Joe.
That is the beauty of this system.
  Problem solved.