Detex Reliant Kit

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Reliant PLUS from DETEX watchman clock system
This is a complete, simple-to-use solution for guard tour verification and other data collection tasks..

The Reliant PLUS Kit includes everything you need to quickly and easily set up a complete guard tour system

Click here to download and read the owners manual.

You want a bullet-proof system that requires your guards to go to various checkpoints and watchman stations.  
You want records
that prove that the work is being done.

You want printed reports of the times and dates that your men checked the property, every month.
You want Exception Reports, Incident Reports, and more.

Detex Delivers.
Using a computerized watchman clock system, you can keep detailed records which not only justify the labor costs, it also helps you tweak the efficiency of your guard staff.

This sets you aside from the competition - you raise the bar.

Watchman clock system                                           REL-PLUS-KIT

(1)   Reliant Reader & Case Security Key
(1)   Nylon Holster
(1)   Reliant data transfer device with USB connector 
(1)   Password protected tour software on USB, Windows 7,8.10 and 11 ready. 
(10) (TEN) Recording Stations
(2)   Guard ID Keys (this is a keyfob with an iButton)
       -  Identifies who did the tour - you can add as many as you like
(1)  User Manual (in downloadable software in PDF format, printable)
Incident Booklet with up to 99 programmable incidents

Operating Systems:  Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
Multiple Watchmen    Multiple Supervisors
Multiple Recorders     Multiple Recording Stations
Multiple Incident Messages (using the included Incident Booklet)

Password Protected    Archive Management
Exports Reports         Bi-Lingual operation (English or Spanish)

Includes 1 technical support call within 30 days of delivery, via Central Time technical support.  
One Year Hardware Guarantee

Detex Reliant Reports:

All Security Tours - by Name, Date & Time
By Name of element to be controlled
        (Checkpoint-Station, Vehicle, Prison Cell, Guard number, etc)
By Type of element to be controlled (see above)
By Recorder employed
By Incident Messages or Regular Messages
Missed Stations (Exceptions) Report
Wrong Stations - went to a place not on the tour - Report
Performance & Exceptions Report
Exports reports to Excel or other databases



Free Watchman Clock Management downloads

We wrote this, you should download it.
This downloadable form will stop the guards from damaging your equipment.

Do business with people who care about what happens to you after the sale.

Click here to download the owners manual

You'll see how to set it up, and examples of reports!

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Nylon Holster.JPG

10 Stations with basic square plastic casings  

USB cabled data transfer unit - connects to any Windows PC

The actual reader, inside view: