Detex Guardsman
Guardsman Watchclock

No longer available. Production ceased 12/30/2011. Parts, supplies are still available. Best replacement: Amano PR600 system.

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Detex Guardsman

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 107 Detex D-Tape RollsDetex Guardsman Report Tapes - ETC061$0.00
Click 425 Detex D-Tape, one rollDetex Guardsman d-tape$12.00
Click 331 Guardsman Case KeyDetex Guardsman Case Key ETC063$19.55
Click 171 Detex metal key station and keyDetex metal key station and key$0.00
Click 112 Detex Gray Plastic (original) station keyboxDetex Station keybox, surface mount$0.00
Click 181 Detex Winding KeyDetex Winding Key ETC065$0.00
Click 108 Detex, complete station with keyDetex, station box, chain, and key - ETC068$0.00
Click 160 Detex station key and chainDetex key and chain - ETC066$0.00


Detex GuardsmanĀ® Information

Production of the Detex Guardsman has ended, as of 12/30/2011

The best replacement would be the Amano PR600

Amano PR600