Detex ProxiPenIII Kit by GCS

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Click 94 Detex ProxiPenII Battery CapProxiPenII end cap$43.00
Click 92 Guard RFID KeyfobPatrol Guard Identifier$11.50
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Detex ProxiPenII Kit Downloadable Information

Owners Manual:  Click to download your copy      Read an article we wrote    

2009: Downloadable literature PDF     Click Here To See How the Guard Would Use It

Click to read our "plain english" how to install manual

The ProxiPen senses and automatically reads the tag.
RFID tags can be painted, glued or screwed to any surface,
   can be placed behind mirrors, paintings, chairs, etc. 
   You can read through any surface but metal.
Useful in locations where aesthetics, environmental, or
    vandalism are considerations.
RFID Tags are not affected by sunlight, heat, cold, water, snow.


Detex ProxiPenII Technical Specifications

  • Compact (10" long) and light
  • Polycarbonite shock resistant housing (takes reasonable 6' drops)
  • Correct data reads are confirmed by visible and audible signals
  • Polycarbonite casing protectes the electronics
  • Completely waterproof Patrol clock, resistant to heat, shock and hydrocarbons
  • Replaceable battery ("AA,", it is included)
  • 50,000+ readings on each battery
  • Reader Memory Capacity before requiring download:
    4,063 checkpoint records.  20 stations x 4 reads per day x 31 days = 2.480
    It resets when you download the records.  This is a worst-case scenario, normally
    someone would download nightly, or even weekly.
  • Stored data is preserved in a non-volatile memory - it's safe if the
  •  battery is removed
  • ProxiPen is Tamper-Proof: It disables itself it the battery has been removed more than
    10 minutes, and also provides a record of this in the reports.
  • Time to download data:  Typically 5 to 15 seconds
    **  It also checks the battery condition when downloading

    **  The battery is a standard AA battery, user replaceable
  • It is a very compact, efficient program.

    If you have a Windows computer, this will work.

    Minimum Requirements:

    Windows 95b, 98/SE, 2000,  XP/SP2, Vista, 7, 8 and 10(Admin)
    Intel 486 processor or newer
    CD Player (to install the program)
    16MB RAM
    50 MB HD space
    Screen res:  800x 600

    USB 1.1   USB 2.0   USB 3.0

Click on any of the images below to see it in larger size

       Detex EE-report_screen.jpg                 Detex pendtu_config_1.jpg                Detex proxipen_config_4.jpg 

      Detex SE-report_screen.jpg            Detex TopGuard Tour_Definitions.jpg                  Detex-TopGuard-Patrol-Repor.jpg
          Report Set-Up                  Checkpoint List                                    Example Report


Download this Excel Guard Sign-off sheet.  Click on the image below.
                                 Guard tour systems.jpg

Using this form, they won't be so likely to destroy your expensive watchman clock.
We designed it, you are welcome to have it.
   10300 49th Street N.  Suite 513

Clearwater, Florida  33762

1 (800) 682 3389     Fax: (727) 576-0415


Detex ProxiPen Quick Start

Load the software, connect the reader cradle.

Remove the spacer that protects the battery in the ProxiPen. 
** Don’t over tighten – just make it snug.

On a sheet of paper, draw a map of the locations where the “Stations” (Tags) will be.  Or make a list, maps seem to make more sense.

Name the stations ("Checkpoints").  Write these names on removable AVERY labels. 

1 Roof    2 Dock   3 Elevator   4 Pool   5 Server Room  and so-on

At the top of the sheet, put down the names of the patrolmen – if you want to track the guards.  The software can create reports by guard, and reports by individual “tour.”

At the top of the sheet, put down the names of the Tours.  Even Tour 1, Tour 2, etc.
The same with the Guards.  Like Ed, Mike, Susan, or G1, G2, G3 and so-on


When you set up the software, define each tour and read the Tag that you marked.

Upload the reads to the software.

Put the names in place of the TAG (1, 2, 3, 4, 5…)

Next, read the tags in order 1 – 20. 

Reserve 1 – 4 for the patrolmen names.

Upload them.  Rename them in the software.

Next, read the Tours Tags.  Upload them.  Rename them.

To create a tour, simply select from your menus of tours and tags.

Go out, place the tags on location.

This should get you started.

Call Detex at 1 800 729 3839 then get tech support if you need further assistance.

To order more Tags, readers, etc:  Call us, or order off the website.