Amano PR600 watchman clock, a short overview

The Amano PR600 Kit is very reliable and easy to use. The kit comes with everything you need to be up and running, right out of the box.

You get a rugged watchman clock that has been in use since the late 1960's, with a quartz movement, carrying strap, hardened case, and a metal chassis inside the case.  It runs on a D cell battery that lasts about a year.  It comes with 15 stations, including the gray station boxes, mounting hardware, and 15 metal keys with stainless steel metal chains, numbered 1 - 15, and one box of 10 rolls of report tapes (good for 14,400 registrations).

They rarely break.  Every time the case is opened, a mark is made on the report tape, so the guards cannot open it without a record being made.  The tapes hold 1440 registrations - do the math, they last a long time.  Each tape shows the day of week, and actual time that the watchman has made a registration.

Operation:  You install the tape in the PR600 watchman clock.  It locks shut, you have a special key for it.  The security guard takes in on his rounds, walking up to each discreet box on the property.  He lifts open the top of the (gray and paintable) box, pulls out the key on its 18" metal chain, and puts the metal key in to the key hole in the side of the PR600.  He give it a crank, then removes it.  This imprints the carbonless tape, and advances the tape for the next station.

Later, the supervisor removes the tape and scans it to be sure that "Ed" the security guard, has actually done his job, and saves the tape.  That's it. 
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