Detex Escorte Digital Acquisition Unit for Watchmen

The Detex Escorte

"Digital Acquisition Unit"

Detex Escorte System Information

Data Acquisition Unit (DAU)

June 1, 2009:  Update:  They have been discontinued.  We will be able to repair them through June 1, 2010.

Rugged, manipulation-proof design; captures 12,000 Data Strip readings before requiring downloading; recharging unnecessary, battery guaranteed for one year. 

Detex has led in the development of guard tour products, from our basic, trusted watchclocks to our advanced electronic Escorte system. Designed for reliability and manufactured to exacting quality requirements, our guard tour products set the standard for the industry.

All of the Escorte systems are comprised of one or more Data Acquisition Units (DAU), one or more parallel or serial Data Transfer Units (DTU), Data Strips for identifying locations and officers’ names, and other related items for programming and producing reports documenting security officer activities. The electronic DAU, which weighs only 8.7 ounces, is shock resistant, waterproof and designed to minimize the possibility of tampering or altering the data. Its electronic design incorporates the latest in low power consumption technology which extends the life of the battery far beyond other systems.

Data transfer to a printer or computer is accomplished through the use of the Data Transfer Unit (DTU). Data is transferred between the DAU and DTU inductively, without external connections, which further reduces the possibility of tampering.

Each Data Strip contains a sealed magnetic tape which is etched with a unique bar code. The advantage of this design is that it cannot be copied or reproduced in any manner. It also allows the Data Strip to be read through dust, grime, grease or even light coats of paint.

The Escorte system is available for use with or without a personal computer (PC). The Escorte Patrol Manager does not require a computer for daily operations; the DAU is downloaded directly to a parallel or serial printer to provide the basic report format. The reports can be further enhanced with the DAU Utility software by adding descriptions for the locations of the Data Strips, officers’ names, and incident descriptions.

Data Strips:  Available in many colors, black is most common
Rugged construction; can be read through grime or paint

Works with the newer TopGuard programs, as well