Detex ProxiPen part one

Proxipen is compact, lightweight, and easy to operate.
It reads Radio Frequency Identification tags automatically without any external controls or moving parts on the unit.

The electronics are protected in a shock-resistant polycarbonate housing, making the reader completely waterproof and resistant against heat, shock, saltwater, and most chemicals. 

With its low power consumption, the ProxiPen requiers only one AA alkaline battery.  The user can replace it withough any special tools.  Nonvolatile memory prevents loss of data if the battery is dead or missing.  The ProxiPen notifies you long before the battery is toast, to replace it.

Geek Talk:  The RFID tags are 125khz, passive radio tags.

They consist of  a tightly wound copper coil that is enclosed in a small, thin epoxy ("polycarbonite") disk about the size of an american quarter.

This disk, when powered up for a moment by the ProxiPen, sends back a unique identfying code.  Each code is unique, and cannot be replicated.  You assign a name to the disk, the software becomes human-friendly.

It's easy to set up, and it is easy to operate.  Expect nothing less from Detex. 

DETEX is the most commonly used watchman clock system, worldwide. 

This is just ONE - of many - reasons why. 
We are proud to have earned the priviledge to represent  DETEX