Instructions for installing Detex mechanical stations

Station boxes containing keys should be screwed to walls or other permanent fixtures so that the bottom of the box is approximately 40 inches above the floor to facilitate registration by the watchman.

Install them in rotation, with No. 1 at the point where the watchman starts his round. No. 2 should be at the next point to be visited, etc.
To secure a perfect record, it is imperative that the stations be located so that there is plenty of room for the watchman to stand directly in front of and close to the station where the watchman clocks record is made.
Stations should never be placed on a wall behind an obstruction over which he watchman must reach to make a record.
To meet the Underwriters's requirements, the head of each screw used to secue boxes must be covered with a seal provided for that purpose. If a seal is not available, then use glue or a 2 part steel epoxy to make the screws impossible to remove.