Detex ProxPen service and 30mm tags
A customer in Singapore asked us if we could repair their broken Detex ProxiPen.  They also asked if we had ProxiPen 30mm tags in stock, and what it would cost to ship, and how soon.  This is the reply we sent August 1, 2011:

Thank you for asking!  All good news below.
Answers, 1 - 4:
1) If it can be repaired, then "we" can do it.  The ProxiPen comes with a three year factory guarantee.  If you can document that you purchased it new less than three years ago, you should contact Detex directly for possible warranty repair.  If this is the case, let us know and we will send you Detex's contact information.  If it needs repair, then you must go through us to get it done.  I would like to share this with you:  If the pen is split, if they have broken it at the ring, or if it has a lot of dings/chips, then the operators have destroyed it and it will not be repairable.  The AA battery is replaceable, you should put a fresh battery in it and see if that solves the problem.  We have attached a form we developed years ago to help you avoid this expense in the future.  Feel free to modify and use it, if you like.
2)  It could cost to fix nothing if it is under warranty - other than shipping, or it could cost up to $694 + shipping (all US dollars) if it is not repairable.  Again, look above, it is probably not defective, it's probably broken by abuse.  We recommend you purchase a Detex ProxiPen holster, as that seems to stop the cycle of breaking the pens.
3)  Price for new ProxiPen + 40 x tags (30mm) including shipping to Singapore:   We do not know.  You must provide a city and zip code for us to answer.
     We can use your DHL account, if you have one, then you control all the costs.  Figure on a 2 lb package. 
     ProxiPen:  $694.00   40 tags x 3.75 each: $150.00    Bank Fee: $25.00 (what it costs us to accept a bank wire transfer)
     $869 + shipping.
4)  Everything is in stock, we can ship within 1 working day of payment.
Let us know how to proceed.
Joe Wagner