What is a watchman clock?
Security becomes increasingly important as the number of crimes worldwide are jumping every year. Security patrols are becoming a critical part of asset control and protection.  Security services for residential and commercial property, including supermarkets, shopping malls, office buildings, industrial lots, amusement parks, theaters, land fills and more are needed - now more than ever.

A guard tour system is needed to monitor security guards and patrol personnel performance, making sure that they finis their job correctly, and according to your requirements in ensure the safety of your customers, employees, residents, and protect your assets - your property and your inventory, from vandalism or theft.

The typical guard tour system includes:
1)  Guard Tour Reader - which the guard carries from point to point
2)  Checkpoint tags - these are affixed to the locations that the guard must visit
3)  Event Wallet - which affixes a notation in the report when an event has happened,
     Examples:  "Unlocked"  "Suspicious People"  "Lights On or Off"  "Alarm"  etc
4)  Data download or data transfer device - USB, Wifi or other device to move the
     records from the guard tour reader to a computer for report generation
5)  Management Software

      The setup is fairly easy to understand:  You put a checkpoint tag at each location where you want the guard to go.  Examples:  Financial office, general manager office, work shop, HVAC room, tool crib, loading dock, back parking lot gate, roof access, employee entrance door, etc. 
      Next, you set up the software:  Design your walking route, register all Checkpoint ID tags and Guard ID Tags.  Now you have mapped out your tour, and you will know which guard did the tour.  You can set up multiple tours and share multiple checkpoints, you can have them all random, or you can have selected time ranges when a checkpoint should be visited.  It's software, the sky is the limit for what you can do with it.
      The guard carries the Guard Tour Reader to each checkpoint, scans it, and continues on, for his entire shift.  Later that week or month, a supervisor - who knows how to run the software - sets the reader in a download cradle - or connects it by USB or other method, checks the battery, and downloads the tour records.  Then he has a ton of useful reports to work with. 
     Guard tour companies include these reports to their customers.  Security departments analyze the reports and make adjustments for the security of their facility.