Detex Patrol Manager:   The versatle Detex Patrol Manager offers a wide range of  applications that provides precise controlling and tracking in a variety of fields such as guard service, vehicle and equipment maintenance, asset management, public transportation, and many more.

Simply attach a Detex data strip to any object and reports can be immediately generated indicating which object has been checked, the date, the time, and status of that object.  The possibilities are endless.

A Variety of Products
Data Aquistion Units  :::-------->>> The "DAU"

The Escorte DAU is the standard data gathering device for most applications.  There are instances, however, when the Patrol Manager system is used in hazardous environment conditions.  Detex offers and intrinsically safe DAU that features a conductinve, hazardous environment-proof  housing.  Certified to be intrinsically save by BASEEFA, a European Community certification body, the intrinsicaly save DAU will be found in the petro-chemcical industry, mining operations, deep-sea vessels, and other hazardous applications.

Detex Data Strips are tamper-proof by virtuoe of their design and construction.  They are impervious to the effects of heat, cold, paint, moisture, and dirt.  There are applications where vandalism is a problem.  For these situations, Detex offers the Mega Strip.  Compact, flat, and lightweight, the Mega Stirp provides the lultimate in durable, vandal=proof data strip technology.  When attached with security screws, it cannot be removed without destruction of the strip. 

2009:  The Proxi-Pen 30 and 50MM RFID tags are an improvement upon this.

  • System Software:
    TopGuard is a versitle, mainstream guard tour software package that meets or exceeds the requirements of most users with it's range of capabilites and features:
  • Combines multiple download files into a database for evaluation and reporting
  • Seven reports types:  Evaluations, Exceptions, Incidents, Summary, Incident Summary,Control Point, and User.
  • Incident tracking and User Identification
  • Modern support for transferring DAU data from remote sites
  • Two-tiered password protection
  • CRC checkin feature detects file tampering
  • Easy to back-up and restore files