GuardQuest Watchman Clock System information

This is the GuardQuest basic system, updated for 2008

Portable Watchman's System

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This system ensures that your guards are doing their job
Process: The guard touches the recorder to the recording station 
It records the location, date, and time
It provides you with “Proof” that the job is being done
You will be able to provide proof of performance to your employer(s)

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This does soooo much!!
* Your security personnel can use an optional incident pad to record more information about conditions they encounter while completing their rounds. You can program up to 9,999 incidents by name to record detailed information about the conditions at each station.

GuardquestII overview:
   * Add as many readers and iButtons as needed, when and where you need them
   * Made of reinforced polycarbonate - it's tamper-proof
   * Easily produce detailed watchman reports by downloading data to a PC
   * Includes the interface cable and Windows-based software
Operating Systems 
   * Windows 98, 98SE, 2000, XP, Vista
The system includes everything you need to get started:

  • Software and user manual on CD
  • M6000 recorder with holster
  • USB PC interface cable
  • Five checkpoints (“Stations“)
    When you select this item, you will see another menu of related options, including additional station buttons and Supervisor/Guard ID keys,