Guard Tour Systems

We sell Guard Tour Systems.

We started with the nearly indestructable Amano PR600 watchman clock kits in 1990.
We picked up a Lathem francise, and was selling the Lathem infra-red guard pro system until 1998, when it was discontinued.
We signed on for the Acroprint ARESIII electonic (Windows 3.1) system, which eventually became the ARIES IV guard tour system.  The ARES IV is still made, and available, these days. 

In 1999, we made it.  We became a Detex dealer.  We now sell and ship Detex ProxiPens worldwide.  If you've been on a cruise or a container ship, odds are high that the guards are using a Detex ProxiPen system, and it probably came from us.

Detex ProxiPens are also used at Starwood and Hyatt resorts, along with thousands of municipal sites across the country, plus ACE Hardware in Samoa, and several airports in Puerto Rico.