Getting the best deal on Detex ProxiPen tags and supplies

We sell Detex ProxiPen Kits. 

We also sell Detex ProxiPen 30mm TAGS, 50mm Tags

We stock Detex ProxiPenII kits, ProxyPenII readers, ProxiPen leather holsters, 30 and 50mm checkpoint TAGS, TopGuard Software, Detex DTU (Digital Transfer Units aka ProxiPen downloaders), all that. 

We move a lot of Detex product, we ship fast, and we are accurate.  We'll match nearly any price - as long as it is factory equipment and not knock-offs.  We stock what we sell.  We can ship 1,000 30mm tags overnight, we have ProxiPens, ProxiPen Kits, we have everything here.

If it's a Detex ProxiPen or Detex Reliant product, it's on a shelf here, and it can be on YOUR shelf tomorrow.