Affordable web hosted modern patrol tracking system

Modern Patrol Tracking

Monitoring guard and patrol tours has never been easier.  uPatrol combines an easily accessible cloud software with and advanced smartphone app, to provide the smartest real-time patrol management system on the internet. 

With real-time reporting and alerts on al guard activities, uPatrol allows Administrators to have a complete view of daily patrols at all times.  And with the flexibility to manage multiple clients with one cost-effective account, uPatrol is perfect for any size patrol service!

If you haven’t already heard uPatrol is a cloud connected guard tour system which allows your customers to manage many of their clients and guards under one account. With the uPatrol software you will have a user friendly tool that allows upi to run reports and view data in real time. Guard Patrol companies can track their guards scheduled routes to view if any checkpoints were missed during their tour. They can also give their clients limited access to view the sites which are assigned to them. uPatrol has many pricing tiers to make it cost effective for ANY size business. We also offer the ability to purchase the QR labels through us, or you client can generate them right through their account for free.

uPatrol puts the power in the hands of the guard through a smartphone. At each QR Code checkpoint, personnel can quickly scan the code and report back to headquarters of a successful check-in. The QR Code attaches a time, date, client name, client site, and checkpoint name along with a GPS location to a map interface. A robust solution from a simple click of a button!  And when needed, guards can easily send messages, submit incident reports, photographs, audio files, and provide signatures for added accountability on patrols.