ProxiPen Incident Report Book

The guard carries this incident book. If something is wrong at the checkpoint, he selects from a menu of preset "incidents" from this booklet, which then show up in the tour report.

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Detex ProxiPen TopGuard Incident Book, in stock

Part Number GCS-PP-INCBK-2

One plexiglas panel, 12 programmable incidents.
12 Programmable RFID a Lexan panel



How the Incident Book is used:

Each tag is then given an incident name for your reports.
It has twelve configurable incidents.

You configure them. Examples:
Tag 1 = Suspicious people    Tag 7 = Light On
Tag 2 = Door open                Tag 8 =  Light Off
Tag 3 = Noise                        Tag 9 = Broken Glass
Tag 4 = Accident                    Tag 10   ___________

Tag 5 = Unlocked                  Tag 11    ___________
Tag 6 = People in pool          Tag 12   Whatever you want it to be

This becomes a line entry in the tour report.



Detex Incident Report Book Dimensions: 
3 inches wide, .25" thick, 4 1/2"  tall

Comes in a faux-leather protective case

This incident shows up in the reports, associated with that time, guard, and checkpoint.



GCS-PP-INCBK-2  ProxiPen incident booklet