Detex ProxiPen watchman clock system, a short overview

The ProxiPen is compact, lightweight, and easy to handle.  It recognizes RFID and other transponders automatically without any operating elements on the reader.  The electronics of the ProxiPen are housed in a shock resistant polycarbonate housing, making the reader completely waterproof and resistant against heat, shocks, and hydrocarbons.  The low power of the electronic circuit requires only one size AA alkaline battery, which can be replaced without any special tools.  ProxiPen has and extremely high memory capacity and can be used for long periods in the field without the need for intermediate readouts.

ProxiPen has a built in sensor that recognizes RFID checkpoint tags.  When the reading head of ProxiPen is brought within reading distance of  a transponder such as a 30mm tag, the unique code stored in the tag is read automatically and without contact.  Control points, incidents, personnel, equipment, inventory, or activities can be assigned to a tag.  Visual and acoustic signals confirm that the data has been read correctly. 

TopGuard software is include with ProxiPen system.  The TopGuard is a 'plug and play' system which is easy use and requires only basic knowledge of Windows to set up.

The ProxiPen Kit includes the ProxPen, Data Transfer Unit with cable, and a power supply. It also includes TopGuard software, an Incident Booklet which can identify 12 incidents, 25 (30mm) RFID checkpoint tags, 5 (50mm) RFID tags, 1 Wristband RFID Tag, 1 RFID Proximity Card, and one Keyfob RFID Tag.

Follow this link to the Detex Proxi Pen Kit for many more pages of information and handy down-loadable worksheets.