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Detex ProxiPen                                             Amano PR600                                                Detex Newman

Detex Reliant                                         JWM Watchman Clocks                                       Detex Guardsman

Report Tapes, disks, RFID Tags                  Detex Keys, Amano Keys                             Acroprint C72 3 Day Clock sells watchman clocks by Amano, Detex, Acroprint and JWM  We sell Detex ProxiPen, ProxiPen II, Detex 30mm tags and more.

There are many brands of watchman clocks also called security guard clocks, including Amano, Detex, GuardQuest, ARES IV, and several others. The devices we offer on this site will not include all known brands. Just the ones we know that are the best, based on personal testing and end user feedback. 

These are the best patrol clocks made.

We also reject some systems if they cannot match our criteria:

Liberal Guarantee - do they give you the benefit of the doubt?  It must have a one year warranty.  Solid construction - will it take abuse (which we know they will get).
Easy to Use - You have enough to do without needing to read a thick manual to run this tool.
Regarding the software:  If the software is messy, hard to use, unreliable, we won't sell it.
The company must provide excellent support.  By looking out for you, we end up looking out for ourselves.  This policy has worked for us for ages; it comes from years of experience.
Company reputation.  We won't sell start-ups or bleeding-edge equipment. 
New ideas come and go every year. We wait and see who survives a few years, then we invest in the mature version of their watchman equipment.

We sell Detex watchmanclocks nationwide. Detex Guard tour clocks.  Detex ProxiPen, also Amano watchman clocks, Amano PR600 and PR600 Kits.

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